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Eliza "Eli" Anderson
Call me Eliza and die! Its Eli....
Daughter of Odin
Herald of Odin's Longhouse
The Raven Princess
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Odin, siblings
Status Alive, 16
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Height 5'1
Affiliation Camp Midgard
Weapons Nightraven, her staff.
Species Demigod daughter of Odin
Home Camp Midgard

Odin's Longhouse

Quests None

Basic InfoEdit

Name: Eliza "Eli" Anderson

Age: 16

Gender: Female

God Parent: Odin

Mortal Parent: Meloney Anderson

Position: Herald of Odin's Longhouse




It was many, many years ago when Elizabeth O'Connor was walking and saw him. He was a man, so handsome she fell in love at first sight. She talked with him and they had a fling one night, ashamed Elizabeth fled. She fled back to Ireland, her homeland, where she was a daughter of a high noble man. He let her stay and did not disown her, despite her being pregnant with a child of a unknown man.

Elizabeth died in the birth of her daughter. Liam O'Connor, Elizabeths father, named the baby girl Eliza, after her mother. He sent her off with some maids, to be raised in their big castle. Eliza grew up, a servant at every turn. She was a small child, with little black curls and blacks eyes, like a raven her grandfather would say.

She did not have many friends, staying inside. As she got older, she did not grow very tall and at 15, she was still 5'1. She went out a bit more, but was teased by the other teenagers being called Raven freak, as she had a pet raven called Aluna, who had been a chick when Eliza found her.

One day, when Eliza turned 16, she grew tired of the teasing and decided to run away. She cut her long locks into a boyish cut and said her name was Eli Anderson, a Irish lad. She used her money, as she was very rich, to catch a plane to Minnesota, where she had relatives. She stayed with them for a few days before something happened.

She met a girl called Dakota Summers. Dakota was everything Eli wished she could be. Beautiful, smart and friendly. Eli had to act like a boy, look like a boy and be anti-social so no-one found out her identity. But Dakota figured it out. She said Eli's father ahd sent her.

Dakota took Eli to Camp Midgard, where everything was explained. She was claimed by Odin and she let go of her cover of being a boy. She is letting her hair grow out and WIP this is a draft :P


  • Flight
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Possess mental command of birds, most acutely over ravens.
  • Can see through the eyes of any bird that they can see. Can see through the eyes of a raven if they have it as a pet.
  • Dominion:The power to command others through a commanding tone of voice.