Located just off of the oval of Longhouses,the Armory,is where campers can request armor, shields, and different weapons. It's an aircraft-hanger sized workshop filled with spare tools and weapons, schematics, a map of the camp, and various machine design plans. It is at least around 200 years old. This is also where damaged weapons and armor can be taken for repair. After enough time at camp, campers can request enchantments be added to their weapons. Tyr's children run the armory. Van Weston is in charge of the armory.

Rules of the ArmoryEdit


*No guns
  • You can ask to have weapons out of any availavable material, please specify
  • You can have 'transforming' weapons if you ask, but be reasonable or be turned down
  • Leave all requests in the comments
  • when you request a weapon or shield, you can get a pic for it if you ask
  • Armor you only get pics if you ask nicely
  • Modifications don't get pics



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  • Uru: Highly durable and retains enchantments moderately well. It is found and mined exclusively in Asgard. Its luster has been described as "badly wrought iron".When Uru is enchanted, it becomes much more durable.
  • Kyrll: a stone that is naturally black and is smooth to the touch. Mined from the caverns of Alfheim by the Albs and Fairies that live there. it was first weaponized by Tyr when given to him by the alb king Alfrigg when visiting. He soon discovered that when acted upom with certain forces long enough, the stone would take on properties of the force, as the stone is magical in origin. (Ex. If left in a furnace long enough, it develops fire enchantments, etc.) Being a stone, Kyrll is best designed for blunt weapons, or used in tranfering enchantments onto Uru weapons
  • Pewter
  • Gold
  • Leather
  • Various woods

People who work in the ArmoryEdit